We offer opportunities for better health and quality of life. Growing scientific evidence confirms that stress reduction, eating a healthy diet, exercise and optimal sleep can substantially optimize health and quality of life. We can provide you with the knowledge, tools and services to support your overall wellness journey.


At the heart of our program is the recognition that personal autonomy, choice and self-care play an essential role in the wellness process. Personal empowerment and choice are encouraged, and supported at Parkway Wellness.

Person Centered Care

At Parkway we practice care that is respectful of and responsive to your preferences and needs, ensuring that your values guide all lifestyle decisions.

1: Free Consultation

During this one hour session, we will provide you with options to optimize your wellness and quality of life. You will learn about steps you can take to enhance your health and have an opportunity to self-select your path to wellness. This path can include focusing on any or all of the four lifestyle factors that affect wellness; exercise, nutrition, sleep, spiritual and stress reduction.

2: Wellness Plan

After choosing your areas of focus, a personal assessment will provide an effective starting point and help you set wellness goals, define barriers and develop a plan that will inspire you to greater levels of well being.

3: Plan Implementation

During subsequent visits you and your health practitioner will discuss the parts of your plan that are working and the parts of your plan are not. Together, we will find practical ways to modify your plan and continue progressing toward your lifestyle goals.

4: Maintenance

Once you reach your goals, less frequent check-in sessions will help you maintain attention on your self-care and prevent you from falling back into old behaviors.

Take The First Step

To learn more about Parkway Wellness and the benefits of our whole person approach call our clinic and set up a time for a free consultation.