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  • Check out our article on Ergonomic principles and healthy computer habits.

  • Parkway has partnered with the University of Calgary as one of a handful of clinics in North America to provide 3D-Gait Analysis for runners.

  • Parkway has an extensive library on injuries and conditions such as ankle, arthritis, upper back and neck, Fibromyalgia, hand, head, hip – to name a few.

  • Parkway’s massage therapists are all members of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

  • Have you checked out our patient education section on the most common sports injuries and how to avoid them?


Initial Appointment.$81.50

Subsequent Appointments.$69.50

Shockwave Session...$101.50


Vertigo, Dizziness & Vestibular


Subsequent Appointments$69.50

Concussion Academy

Per Class $50.00


(Acute or Chronic) Assessment$81.50

Subsequent Appointments$69.50

Women’s Health - Pelvic Floor


Subsequent Appointments$80.00

Initial physiotherapy appointments will typically last 40 minutes to an hour. Subsequent visit times will vary depending on your individual requirements. Physiotherapy costs reflect a service and are not based on a per minute billing.


Initial Assessment $71.00

Subsequent Appointment $56.00

ICBC User Fee $35.00


Athletic Therapy

Initial Assessment $81.50  45 min

Subsequent Appointment $76.00  30 min

Subsequent Extended Appointment $122.00  60 min

All Athletic Therapy appointments are subject to tax.

Please check your extended health coverage to see if Athletic Therapy is covered as a medical benefit

Kinesiology, Personal Training & Fitness


Kinesiology appointments, by law, must include tax.

Sports Psychology & Performance

Appointment $162.50  60 min

Subsequent Appointment $122.00  45 min

Subsequent Appointment $81.50  30 min

*Dr. John Coleman is not a Registered Psychologist,
please check with your benefit package to confirm coverage prior to booking.

Running Injury Clinic
[3D Gait Analysis]

Day 1 - 3D Gait Analysis $101.50

Day 2 - Data Analysis and exercise prescription $76.00

Plus applicable tax.

Massage Therapy

Appointment $101.50 60 min

ICBC Patient fee...$25 (Please note this amount is increasing to $35 as of Sept 15, 2019 to reflect increased administrative time)

Massage therapy appointments, by law, must include tax. whereas physiotherapy visits are tax exempt. Initial massage therapy appointments are 60 minutes to allow time for history taking and examination. Kinesiology and personal training are also subject to tax.

Foundations of Pilates

Classes are Wednesdays 7:15 pm – 8:15pm

One Session $15.00

Package of 4 $60.00

Plus applicable tax.


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