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Take Control: Prevention of Field Hockey Injuries

When it comes to prevention of athletic injuries this free online webinar will help you to take control of your own injury risk, particularly as it pertains to field hockey athletes.

This 60-minute webinar covers:

  • Injury reduction and prevention in field hockey
  • Common field hockey injuries
  • Exercises you can do from home and build into your existing routines to help reduce injuries
  • Exercises and Warm-Up routines your team can do to reduce injuries

Programs such as this have been shown to reduce risk of injury by 46%.

Emily Fisher is a field hockey athlete and coach, as well as a physiotherapist and personal trainer. She has seen her teammates and athletes sidelined by injuries her entire athletic career, and has decided that every athlete and coach should have the knowledge of how to prevent injuries to themselves and those around them in an evidence-based way. The earlier one can get started on learning these strategies the better! If we can prevent injuries in our players, we are impacting not only their athletic career but their participation in sport throughout their lifetime.

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To connect with Emily directly about how to implement these strategies yourself or with your team, or to discuss an education session for your club please email: [email protected]

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