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Releasing Webinar with Donna Gee

The story of Releasing begins with the story of a gentleman named Lester Levenson. Lester was a successful physicist with many accolades of his intelligence, he was also a successful businessman living in NY. His life was busy, stressful and he had many health issues.

In 1952, at the age of 42, he had his 2nd heart attack and was told by the doctors there was not anything that could be done and he was to go home and sort out his affairs. He was told he could die at any moment.

He returned to his home and lay in bed contemplating how he could be smart and successful and yet so unhappy and unhealthy with death at his doorstep. As a scientist, he “went back to the lab” and spent the time he had remaining reflecting on his life.

He started to see a pattern, he was happiest when he was loving.

He started looking at his past and let go of all his non loving feelings. He described it as “correct it with LOVE.”

He then saw how much he wanted to change the world - the government, people’s behaviors, the weather, and so much more. He realized this deep wanting to change everything around him was not helping him at all, so he began to let go of wanting to control or change anything.

Then he noticed his fear of dying was everywhere too. He started to clear out his fear and the more he released, the better he felt.

In 3 months he transformed his life, no longer at death’s door, he was happy, healthy and peaceful.

He started to share what he had learned with others and saw how he was able to help them. He created a course and called it the Releasing method. He moved to Sedona where he continued to teach it and lived to the age of 84.


Three Simple Steps:

1) What am I feeling?

  • Bring your awareness into your body and notice the sensations that are present.
  • Allow those sensations to be there, rather than suppressing them, pushing them away, wanting to get rid of them, ignore them, pretend they don’t exist.
  • The more of the feeling you allow to be present, the more of it you can release. The deeper you feel into it, the more you can Release.
  • We have feelings, but they are not who we are. This discernment is the first step to Releasing. 

2) Which want is it?

Wanting for:

  • Control/change (RESISTANCE)
  • Safety/security/survival (FEAR)

3) Could I let it go?

  • Use your Conscious mind to make a choice. DECIDE to let it.
  • If you cant let it go, then bring into your awareness that you want to hold onto it.
  • Usually we want to hold onto it because we feel unsafe if we were to let it go, or we feel out of control by letting something go.
  • Once you welcome the fear or resistance, check, see if its now easier to let go of the wanting.

Releasing is as simple as letting a balloon go, or like watching the clouds move in the sky, or dropping a pen from your grip... you just open and let go.


  • Releasing is a natural process, its so simple that the mind cannot fathom how simple it is and tries to make it more complicated.

    Young children release naturally; think of all the times you wondered how kids can be fighting in 1 moment, and then best of friends minutes later.

    Or when a child’s feelings are hurt, or they fell and have an “owie”. Once you acknowledge the “owie” or the hurt feelings, very quickly they run off to play as if it never happened.

    You will be learning how to let go at will, so that it can become natural again, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

  • The mind will always want to figure things out, understand why, analyze the process. During this webinar, please save our energy, let go of wanting to figure it out and just apply it, experience the results for yourself. That's the only way to know.

You need not share anything that you feel is too personal.  Most important is to share what you’re feeling and/or what the wanting is and then let it go.

When I work with someone individually, please do follow along and release as if I was facilitating you. You might have the same wanting, similar feelings, you just need to substitute the subject that you are releasing on.

Scale of Emotions which leads to action:


The 6 Steps

  1. You must want Freedom/Imperturbability more than you want approval, control or safety.

  2. Decide that you can Release and be Imperturbable/Free.

  3. See all your feeling culminate in three wants: the want for approval, control or safety/security/survival. Immediately let go of the wants.

  4. Make releasing constant.

  5. If you are stuck, let go of wanting to control/change the stuckness.  Allow the stuckness to be.

  6. Each time you Release, you will be lighter, happier, more at ease. When you Release continually, you WILL continually be lighter, happier, and freer.
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