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Vision Worksheets

Below are a list of downloadable pages to complete the exercises assigned by your Physiotherapist.

NOTE**  Complete only the Exercises and the dosage prescribed by your Professional  **

Spatial vision:

100 Letter Grid :  100 Grid Instructions,  100 Grid Worksheet

Letter Mash: 

Letter Mash level 1,  Letter Mash level 2,  Letter Mash level 3,  Letter Mash level 4,  Letter Mash level 5

Padula Cube: Padula Cube InstructionsPadula Cube Worksheet

Focal Vision:

Saccades: Saccades IntructionsSaccades Level 1Saccades Level 2Saccades Level 3Saccades Level 4Saccades Level 5Saccades Level 6Saccades Level 7Saccades Level 8Saccades Level 9

Accommodation: Near Far Accommodation instructionsAccommodation Saccades Level 1Accommodation Saccades level 2

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