Foundations of Pilates

Foundations of Pilates

Foundations of Pilates

For those who are no longer injured, have some core training experience and wish to prevent another episode. Discover an extensive series of movements beyond the basics of Pilates. While concentrating on the established five principles of stability, this class will help you to further strengthen and condition your body.

Props will also be incorporated into this workout. The class features a 10 - 1 student-teacher ratio. There is a ten person maximum for registration.

While we have a small quantity of yoga/pilates mats, it is recommended that you bring a mat with you.

Wednesdays 7:15 pm - 8:15m

$15.00 single session

$60.00 for a package of 4 classes

Ashley Schram

Ashley Schram, Pilates Instructor

Ashley’s career first started when she fell in love with yoga in her teens. She was immediately entranced by the effects of joining movement and breath. A few years later Ashley discovered Pilates, felt the benefits and was hooked. She has now been practicing both yoga and Pilates for over 12 years.

Ashley’s desire to help people connect to their bodies and improve their health led her to complete a 300 hour Yoga Teacher training course and attain RYT200 certificate from Feel Good Yoga and Pilates in 2016. The following year Ashley completed a 200 hour Pilates Teacher Training Mat Level One with Dana Carter Fitness and Shelbourne Physiotherapy. This program had an emphasis on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates with special attention shown to injuries and illnesses.

Ashley's focus is to deliver whole body healing and a full workout while providing modified options for pain free movement.