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Jamie Kirstein

Jaime Kirstein,

Masters of Kinesiology
Registered Kinesiologist

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Jaime Kirstein, Kinesiologist

Jaime graduated from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2001. After spending several years working as a personal trainer, she moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario to do her master’s degree in Kinesiology using a yoga intervention for people with Multiple Sclerosis on postural control, mobility, spasticity and quality of life.

After spending nearly a decade in Vancouver working as a kinesiologist, cognitive behavioural therapist, and yoga and meditation teacher, she has returned to the island to pursue her primary passions: surfing and freediving. She is also training for her first triathlon this year!

After a devastating back injury many years ago and an autoimmune condition diagnosis, Jaime has developed a passion for helping people with chronic pain, mental health issues, injuries and disease. Jaime’s primary goal in her work is to help people cope with stress, injuries, disease and trauma using specific strengthening and stretching exercises in combination with yoga, meditation and breath work.