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JR Justesen

JR Justesen,


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Physiotherapist, Owner/Partner

JR’s beliefs:

Correct and specific diagnosis is the key to a timely and effective treatment plan Treat both the joint and the soft tissues that surround and support the joint

Always consider the nerve supply to the affected tissues

Follow musculoskeletal chains up, down and across the body

Corrective exercises and treatments should stimulate optimal healing responses

There are many factors that can lead to dysfunction in our lives - our brains are one of the key areas. Brain research is advancing by leaps and bounds and when it comes to the human condition may be the most important frontier we have yet to unlock

Neuroplasticity is real and it can affect us negatively such as with the decompensations of living with chronic pain, and it can affect us positively in that we can change our own brainwaves to improve many conditions

As a physiotherapist, JR holds an advanced orthopaedic diploma and certification in intramuscular stimulation (IMS). He has worked in a variety of sport and orthopaedic settings, with field experience at national and international levels of track and field, fastpitch, rugby, box lacrosse, and all levels of soccer training (mostly youth). His work took him to Africa and Europe as physiotherapist for a professional soccer team. He is a previous soccer coach, strength and conditioning coach and speed/agility coach. Team travel and on field sport days are behind him but he still serves as a mentor for physiotherapists studying for their advanced orthopaedic levels. He has also sat in a board position on the College of Physical therapists of British Columbia for most of the past 15 years; the mandate and mission of the College is to protect the public through regulation of physiotherapy practice.

JR is the director of the Parkway Running Injury Clinic in partnership with the University of Calgary. This clinic uses state of the art diagnostic tools to help running athletes of all abilities to enjoy their sport. This partnership in collaboration with other running specialists across North America and Europe has led to the creation of the world’s largest relational database of 3-dimensional gait analysis.

Currently JR is one of the first in the physiotherapy profession to enter the field of neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback). He uses QEEG analysis of brainwaves to measure areas of brain electrical activity. By correlating specific areas of brain function with specific areas of brain activity he is able to make neurofeedback treatment plans. One of the key areas of work that JR is currently involved with is treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury. The QEEG is able to predict the likelihood and severity of a brain injury. The QEEG can also establish a baseline condition before any such injury occurs so that if one is involved in a trauma (car accident, sports injury, fall etc) we have a baseline specific to the individual and a baseline towards which we can train back brain function. The other areas of brain work JR is involved in include improving neuroregulation for athletes and people interested in “brain brightening” and also the profoundly complex array of symptoms associated with chronic pain.

JR and Renee, his wife of 27 years, have three sons and live together in Victoria.