3D Gait Analysis

Parkway Physiotherapy partners with the University of Calgary as one of a handful of clinics in North America and the United Kingdom to provide three-dimensional gait analysis, a valuable service to runners. We have now created the world’s largest database of running injury research and are able to provide runners with an accurate analysis of their running mechanics.

The full gait analysis also takes scientific measures of your lower body strength, flexibility and alignment. We use these measurements to help us explain why a runner may exhibit a particular biomechanic and how this might affect a nagging injury.

All of this information is combined to deliver the runner with a treatment plan that is tailored to his or her specific needs.

A report is generated for each runner at the end of the session and it contains 17 gait variables, each explained and each specific to the individual.

A full gait analysis takes two hours and is often covered by those with extended medical coverage.