For Patients


When you arrive at the clinic we have forms for you to fill out. Although these forms do take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out, they provide us with important information regarding your health and the safety of the treatment options available. By providing this information in written format we can then read these important details at a glance and spend more one to one time with you.

For your convenience we have made these forms available online. If you prefer you can print these forms out and fill them out at your own convenience then bring them with you upon your arrival.

Intake and History Form -This is for personal information, care card number, doctor's name etc. Everyone  except naturopathic and Neurobiofeedback patients fill this one out. Private paying clients only fill out the upper white portion. Pages two and three pertain to your medical history.

WCB Job Demands (WCB ONLY) -Allows us to understand the work we need to help you get back to.

Running Injury Clinic(only) -This is the research data consent form for clients attending the Running Injury Clinic.

Neurobiofeedback forms - please fill these out prior to your initial Neurobiofeedback visit 

Brief Pain Inventory - Print and complete if your practioner wishes this form from you.

For service rates, please visit our Rates Page