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Liz Gibbons

Liz Gibbons


Liz Gibbons is a grad of WCCMT. She’s always had a passion for working in the healthcare field, and knew that massage therapy was the right path to take upon her completion of a successful case study which dealt with anxiety and restricted movements in a client with degenerative disk disease.

With a scientific mind and intuitive hands, Liz likes to get to the bottom of what is causing the issue and attempt to change harmful behavioral or postural patterns.

She believes that self care is an important aspect to healing and patient education is really important to her. This empowers the client in an atmosphere of trust.     

She likes to use a combination of techniques including myofascial release, active stretching, and deep tissue massage, all while encouraging pain free healthy limb movement.

In her free time Liz is usually hiking through the woods and exploring the beautiful coastline. She also loves to snowboard, and enjoys drawing, painting and reading.