The Team

The Team

Parkway Physiotherapy offers one of the highest number of advanced orthopedic members of any clinic in British Columbia. We stress pertinent patient education, community support, and the promotion of research and continual learning for our team to provide our clients with best of breed technology, treatment and outcome.

We provide highly personalized services. You will spend time directly with your clinician rather than being one of several people being treated at the same time. Our goal is to provide you with a timely and accurate diagnosis as well as relevant education regarding both your condition and the optimal healing stimuli to maximize your results.

Dr. John Coleman

Dr. John Coleman

PhD. Performance Psychology, M.A.
Sport Psychology, BSc. Kinesiology

You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from Dr. Coleman's approach. He works with anyone who is willing to participate actively in a treatment plan and is limited in progress by a psychological barrier.

Dr. Coleman is not a Registered Psychologist, please check with your benefit package to confirm coverage prior to booking.

Mental Wellness & High Performance Consultant

Dr. Coleman has over 10 years of experience as a wellness and performance consultant. In that time he has helped many people enhance the quality of their lives and level of performance. John’s work has contributed to Canadian athletes winning many medals on the international stage, including bringing home 27 medals (12 of them gold) between the Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games.

Lead sport psychology coach with Olympic Biathlon, Paralympic Alpine and Nordic ski teams.

Work Philosophy

I am a wellness and performance consultant with an expanded vision for my clients. I believe that everyone has the capacity to live a life of health, happiness, meaning, and peak performance.

My intention is to work myself out of a job. Through my research, professional experience, and personal life I have learned that real change only comes from the individual ready to do the work themselves. My approach is straightforward, relevant, and results-based to inform, support and challenge the individual ready to create a momentum of health.

Through proven methods that blend empirical knowledge and intuitive insights I use practical tools, activities, and exercises informed by Eastern performance psychology and Western meditation concepts to help people align their mind and body to take steps towards unleashing their full potential. The four main pillars I work with include:

  1. Performance enhancement: for people with things going well and are ready to create new goals and strive to expand their abilities
  2. Solving Dysfunction: for people struggling with certain areas of their life and performance
  3. Healing Impairment: for people recovering from injury, illness, or held hostage by unhealthy habits
  4. Supporting Transition: for people ready or forced to make big changes in their life. (i.e injury,retiring, being fired, ending a romantic relationship etc)

Cultivated Skills

Various exercises and activities are used to enhance one’s ability to cultivate a strong mind capable of:

  1. Energy Management: Relaxation, emotional control
  2. Focus/Concentration endurance
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Self-esteem/confidence
  5. Connection with personal power/motivation
  6. Clarity of self worth and purpose
  7. Performing under pressure and on demand
  8. Healing
  9. Creativity