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Chris Harkies

Chris Harkies


I am a graduate of UBC’s Master of Physical Therapy Program.  Prior to physiotherapy I worked in downtown Victoria as a strength coach for several years.  As teen and young adult I was involved in competitive boxing and other martial arts, up to the provincial level.  A series of knee, low back, and shoulder injuries during my competitive career led to my first exposure to physiotherapy as a patient.  The success that I had with physiotherapy in relieving my pain, and allowing me to continue to play the sports that I loved, is what motivated me to eventually become a physio. 

My treatment approach consists of manual therapy, manipulation, and other evidence based interventions. 

I enjoy a well rounded practice but have a special interest in the following:

- Neck Injuries, Including Whiplash

- Shoulder Conditions and Rotator Cuff Tears

- Low Back Conditions Including:

·         Disc herniations

·         Sciatica

·         Stenosis